Audition Notice

Absurd Person Singular, by Alan Ayckbourn

Sunday 25th November, 7pm

Director: Ann Atkins

absurd person singular web image.jpg

Production Dates: 15th - 23rd March 2019

Rehearsals: Start 3rd February (Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Ann:


Meet three couples in their three kitchens on the Christmas Eves of three successive years. The "lower class" but very much up and coming Hopcrofts are in their bright new, gadget filled kitchen anxiously giving a little party for their bank manager and his wife and an architect neighbour. Next there are the architect and his wife in their neglected, untidy flat. Then the bank manager and his wife are in their large, slightly modernized, old Victorian style kitchen. Running like a dark thread through the wild comedy of behind the scenes disasters at Christmas parties is the story of the advance of the Hopcrofts to material prosperity and independence and the decline of the others.


SYDNEY Married to Jane. Suit and tie man. Likes to be in charge. Always trying to impress those "Above him". 30's/40's

JANE Nice little "wifey". Wanting to please all. Always cleaning something. (Could be O.C.D.) 30/40's          

GEOFFREY Good looking! Confident, married to Eva. (Bit of a lad!) 30's/40's

EVA Not quite stable! Drinks and takes pills. (maybe because of her sometimes straying husband) 30's/40's

RONALD Married to Marion. Older business man. Revered by the other men. 50's/60's

MARION Well dressed and preserved. Slightly younger than Ron. Does turn to drink in act three. 50s+