Audition Notice

Animal Farm, By George Orwell, Adapted by Ian Wooldridge

Sunday 15th April 2018, 6pm

Director: Mimi Goddard

Animal Farm web image.jpg

Production Dates: 8th-11th August (BOAT) and 14th-18th August (BLT)

Rehearsals: Sunday 3rd June - Sunday 17th June and then Sunday 8th July - 7th August (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Mimi:


Animal Farm is the tale of the rise of Stalin and the Russian revolution told through farm animals overthrowing their human oppressor Mr. Jones, only to eventually create an even worse environment for themselves under the tyrannical rule of the pigs.

You may think to yourself, this does not sound like a jolly romp, full of light hearted witty banter, and you would be right, it has its dark moments. My vision for the production does involve trying to make the most of the humour in the script and create light moments so the darker bits seem all the darker, fun, right? As anyone who has worked with me as a director before will tell you, one of my main objectives in any production is for the cast to have a fun and rewarding experience as well as creating a great show, no matter how dark the material.

Other than Mr. Jones the farmer all the characters in this play are animals. Pigs, Horses, Sheep, Chickens etc. This means that there will be certain physical demands in this production, by no means am I asking people to crawl around on all fours. Most animalisation will be subtle hints and gestures, so you don’t need to be an athlete, no movement experience is required, but you do need to be comfortable and confident in giving it a go. There are also two significant fight scenes, so again bit of a work out, but my vision is having them in slow motion so don’t worry if you a little out of shape, it won’t hold you back!

Apart from three characters (Mr. Jones, Boxer and Mollie) my approach to casting this production is gender and age blind. Feel free to audition for any characters that you feel drawn to, I am hoping to have a cast of all ages, shapes and sizes.

If you have any questions, concerns, worries or fears (related to the audition!) please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you on the 15th April.


Napoleon (pig): The pig who emerges as the leader of Animal Farm after the rebellion. This character is manipulative, crafty but still a charismatic leader who draws the other animals to believe in his twisted vision. Any age. Any gender

Snowball (pig): The pig who challenges Napoleon’s leadership, but in the end is unsuccessful. This character is intelligent, passionate and eloquent but lacks the deviousness of his fellow pigs, which becomes his downfall. Any age. Any gender

Boxer (cart horse): The hardest worker on animal farm. This character is physically strong but none too bright, easily lead and manipulated by others, especially by Napoleon. Boxers belief in Napoleon and his words is almost fanatical. Any age. Male

Squealer (pig): The pig in charge of propaganda and the mouthpiece of Napoleon’s regime. This character is slimy, manipulative and a talkative trickster. Any age. Any gender

Old Major (boar): The inspiration for the revolution, when he tells the animal of his vision of a free and just animal run society. This is a smallish but very important character. He dies in the first act but has a cracking big speech that opens the play. Age 30+. Any gender

Clover (horse): Close friend and workmate of Boxer. Clover is one of the few animals who questions the pigs’ motives and actions but does not have the self-confidence to believe in her doubts about them. Any age. Any gender

Moses (raven): Somewhat of a religious leader among the animals, talks a lot about sugar candy mountain a sort of animal heaven. You are never sure about his motives or motivations. Any age. Any gender

Mollie (horse): A pampered and vain horse, who loves being spoilt with ribbons and sugar cubes. She struggles the most in the new animal farm society and ends up running away back to life with humans. Any age. Female

Benjamin (donkey): A moody negative character, who believes that life has always been and will always be unpleasant. He opposes the rule of the pigs and often complains about it but never does anything about it. Any age. Any gender

Minimus (pig): A young and impressionable pig who is drawn in by Napoleon and Squealer. Any age. Any gender

Mr. Jones/ Mr. Pilkington (men): Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, before the revolution and it becomes Animal Farm. A moody old drunk (non-speaking part). Mr. Pilkington, the owner of the next-door farm, an opportunist who makes an alliance with the pigs at the end of the play. Any age. Male

Assorted Animals: Pigs, pigeons, dogs, geese, sheep, hens etc. Some speaking and non-speaking roles. These are smaller parts but no less essential than the main characters. Any age. Any gender.