Audition Notice

Apologia, by ALexi Kaye Campbell

Sunday 10th November, 7pm

Director: Tess Gill

Apologia web image.jpg

Production Dates: 28th January 2020 - 1st February 2020

Rehearsals: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.00-10.00pm. Sunday specific times to be agreed with cast (official start date Sunday 15th December – however there may be opportunity to meet for one to one work before this time) 

For more information, please contact Tess on


Apologia is a witty and passionate play which takes place over one disastrous birthday dinner evening, later that night and the next morning. Kristin Miller is a formidable woman who has spent most of her life as an activist fighting for what she believes is right, someone for whom the 60’s political awareness is a way of life not a movement. The family: her sons Peter and Simon, their partners: Trudi and Claire and Kristin’s best friend Hugh all come for a dinner. The evening starts badly with a broken oven and a dodgy Chinese and as it goes on there are challenges for everyone in confronting the choices that Kristin made as a mother and an activist.

There is one set: a kitchen and 3 scenes. The script is superbly real, challenging and brutally funny. All the roles have depth and humour. Simon appears in one very challenging scene. There is possibility of one actor playing both Simon and Peter as they do not appear on stage at the same time – please speak to me if you are interested in this.

As we will be rehearsing over the Christmas period there will be some changes of days dependent on availability. 


Kristin Miller Activist, art historian, feminist, fighter. This is a woman who has strong and dedicated beliefs which have determined how she has lived her life, to the cost of her personal life and relationships with her family. She can be critical and is on many occasions. 50’s – 60’s

Peter Kristin’s eldest son, has an underlying resentment about Kristin’s behaviour as a mother. Has found a “good” fiancé in Trudi and has used his mother as something to rebel against most of his life – including meeting his wife to be at a prayer meeting (something that appals his atheist mother). Late 30’s – 40s

Trudi Trudi is Peter’s fiancé. A sweet, genuine, quietly determined American from Minnesota.  Late 20’s – early 30’s

Claire Simon’s girlfriend an actress, currently appearing in a soap (or serial drama depending on your perspective). Confident. 30’s - 40’s

Hugh Kristin’s best friend. Camp and hilarious – he still goes on all the marches with her and really believes in her and what she does. Late 50’s – 60’s

Simon Kristin’s younger son. A lost soul. Wounded he has one incredible scene with his mother where the personal cost of her beliefs show their impact on her children. Late 30’s 

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