Audition Notice

Broken Silence

Sunday 4th March, 2.30pm

Director: Jospeh Bentley

Broken Silence web image.jpg

Production Dates: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd June 2018

Rehearsals: commencing: To be arranged based on actors’ and directors’ availability once cast and paired.  The theatre will have some availability as a rehearsal venue around other shows, but you could also use your own space at home.

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Joseph on


This will be an opportunity for both actors and directors to see what they can do with something a bit different. Do you have a monologue you’ve worked with before that you want to come back to? Or one you never thought you’d get the chance to perform? Ever wanted to really act your way through a musical number, or a poem? You love to act, but struggle to commit to a full production rehearsing four times a week? Are you auditioning for drama schools, and want to air some of your work for an audience? If so, this is for you! Directors and musical directors, this is for you too. Are there any pieces that you would love to direct? Are you maybe a first time director and you want to have a go at something small, or just really love working one-to-one with an actor?

I’m asking any actors who want to get involved to come along to audition with at least two monologues to show, preferably a variety with no particular theme, I’m hoping to see a mix of classic and contemporary, comedic and emotional. They don’t have to be perfectly polished or memorised for audition, but they should make us feel something. Please also email a copy of the text of these monologues (or photo of the page) to me before you audition, or bring extra print outs with you. Once I’ve seen what we’ve got, I’ll see which ones we might be able to thread together into a cohesive show. If you’d like to bring only one piece, or more than two, to the audition then let me know, and time permitting this might be okay. We want to fill a two hour evening with the final shows, so depending on how many actors we get, most are likely to be doing more than one piece each.

Don’t be afraid to try out a piece that you think wouldn’t normally be open to you… who says we can’t have a Mr Lady Macbeth, or a geriatric Hamlet? You get the idea, but make it work for you. Also, why not splice together your own monologues from a character’s lines in a scene? (Artfully though please. If we can see the joins then it probably won’t work!)

I’m asking directors who might be interested in working on a piece to get in touch so I can have a bank of you to pair up with actors when they’re cast. Or if you have a piece, or pieces, that you’re particularly interested in working on then let me know and I can throw out the pieces to actors who have expressed interest.

The final performances will be in the auditorium, but staging must be simplistic, with minimal props, costume, and lighting, to fit around the full production being rehearsed on the main stage.

If your audition requires music, please bring this with you and something to play it on.

Please do not bring any monologues from upcoming shows from the season to the audition, it’s not an audition for those!