Audition Notice

Don’t Dress For Dinner, by Marc CAmoletti, adapted by Robin Hawdon

Sunday 21st October, 7pm

Director: Tina Sitko

dont dress for dinner web image.jpg

Production Dates: Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Tuesday 29th January – Saturday 2nd February, 7.45pm             

Rehearsals: Mon, Weds, Fri, Sun (TBC)

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Tina:


It’s a few years since the events of Boeing Boeing and lothario and three timer Bernard has married his Italian Air Stewardess girlfriend, Gabriella, and finally settled down… or has he? A telephone call from an agency to advise that the 'girl' will be arriving shortly raises Gabriella's suspicions, so of course she cancels her plans to go and visit her mother for the weekend.

Cue an evening of mistaken identities and farcical excuses as Bernard's old good friend, Robert turns up and mixes up Bernard's mistress and the hired agency cook!

This is a fast-paced wordy script that will require the entire cast to be OFF BOOK by first rehearsal.  


Bernard Serial womaniser, suave, constantly trying to cover his infertilities with a myriad of lies that come back and bite him. 35 - 45

Robert Bernard's hapless friend who has taken up some of his friend’s habits, such as dating married women, namely Bernard’s wife, Gabriella! 35 - 45

Gabriella Bernard’s Italian Air Hostess wife.  She is a clever passionate lady who worked out Bernard a long time ago and is now rather playing him at his own game. Hence her affair with Robert. 25 - 35

Suzanne Bernard's actress mistress who is mistaken for the cook.  Glamorous, sophisticated and totally undomesticated, the wheels slowly fall off as her culinary skills are tested to the limit. 25 - 35

Suzette The savvy cook, who is mistaken for Bernard's mistress and uses the situation to cash in at every turn and enjoy the food and wine. 25 - 35

George Suzette's very imposing husband, who appears towards the end of the play to pick his wife up from work.  Physically menacing character who is not amused to find his wife pretending to be Bernard's mistress! 35 - 55.