Audition Notice

Earthquakes in London, by Mike BArtlett

Sunday 23rd April, 6pm

Auditions will be in slots so you must contact Steve and arrange a slot. You will not be seen if you just turn up. If you can't do this day contact Steve to see if another time can be arranged.

Director: Steven Adams

Production dates: BLT: Tues 22nd - Sat 26th August (5 nights)/BOAT: Weds 30th Aug - Sat 2nd Sept (4 evening performances, no matinees) 

Rehearsals: Early work: 12th June - 1st July Tues, Thurs and Saturday afternoonsMain rehearsals: 16th July - 21st August (week off 24th - 29th July) Mons, Weds, Thurs and Sunday afternoons. Note due to the structure of the play people will not be needed at every rehearsal until the last few weeks. Early rehearsals will work in small groups.              

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Steve:

First performed at the National Theatre in 2010, this award-winning play was described by The Telegraph as ‘brilliantly inventive and irresistible’.

It is the story of three sisters and their relationship with their estranged father, a scientist researching climate change. Sarah, the eldest, is an environment minister in the newly formed Tory/Lib Dem coalition government, Freya, the middle child, is a teaching assistant expecting her first baby and the youngest, Jasmine, has just been kicked out of university. This epic play ranges in time from 1968 to 2525, with plenty of evocative music and dance, covering the spectrum from Nick Cave through Arcade Fire to Coldplay, and of course, Zager and Evans’ 1960s hit, 2525. Stylistically it’s about excess, with the world enjoying a glorious party as it hurtles towards its fate.

The critically acclaimed Mike Bartlett has written plays including King Charles IIIAn Intervention, Bull, Cock and My Child.

For TV he wrote the recent BBC1 series Doctor Foster and an upcoming episode of Doctor Who.

The play will involve dancing/movement and singing along to music tracks. It is an ensemble piece with lots of doubling of the smaller roles. These roles will need very good and flexible actors to sell the changes in part. Below roles show the current plan for the doubling but this may change depending on who is cast.


Robert a bitter and powerful genius, an environmental scientist. Could be Scottish but not necessary. (playing age 50s/60s)

Sarah, his eldest daughter, outwardly cold and efficient government minister (late 30s - mid 40s)

Colin, her out of work, insecure but empathetic husband. Has to sing but doesn't have to be good! (late 30s - mid 40s)

Freya, Sarah’s sister, pregnant and worried about the future of her baby. Has to be able to sing quite confidently. (about 30)

Steve, her husband, a writer of trivia books, straightforward, pro-active. There is a shower scene that will need to be performed nude but will be tastefully positioned! Will also probably double briefly as a swimmer. (about 30)

Jasmine the youngest daughter, a rebel, wilful. There is a burlesque strip scene, which has to end topless. This will be very brief and could possibly be played turned away from the audience. (playing age 19)

Peter, a fourteen-year-old boy, played by a female. Streetwise, articulate, disturbing, autistic behaviour. He/she becomes a commentator on contemporary life and metamorphoses into Freya’s daughter, Emily. Has to sing a bit solo to a backing track. Also doubles as a Hampstead Heath Mother briefly. (female late teens-early 30s to play a 14yr old boy in disguise!)

Tom, went to university with Jasmine, a climate change activist. Confident, impetus and idealistic. (20s - Tom is seen briefly at the end of the play 15 years older)

Mrs Andrews, Robert’s Scottish housekeeper, flinty, implacable. (playing age late 40s plus)

Carter/Daniel/Swimmer/Dr Harris. Carter is an airline mogul, capitalist, merciless. Daniel is a 1970s businessman. Swimmers are seen in trunks/speedos and swimming hats and have to be backing singers. Dr Harris is a kindly hospital Doctor. (playing ages 40s)

Simon/Student Raver/Roy/Swimmer/Barman/Polar Bear/Police Officer. Simon is Sarah's assistant at the Ministry - friendly and efficient. Student Ravers have to dance in a club. Roy is another pushy/persuasive 1970s businessman. Swimmer as above. Barman - self explanatory! Polar Bear - a charity mugger dressed as a polar bear! Police Officer - tires to talk Freya out of jumping off a bridge. (playing ages 20s - 30s)

Sue/Student Raver/Hampstead Heath Mother/Old Woman/Maryna/Passer By 1. Sue is surly supermarket worker. Student Raver as above. Hampstead Heath Mothers are stuck up, posh and well dressed yuppie mothers who look down on Freya - they have a song and dance number! Old Woman is mourning her dead husband at a war memorial but then turns into her younger self. Maryna is a Polish cleaner at a hospital - speaks mostly in Polish and has to sing solo. Passer By 1 - eggs on Freya to jump off a bridge. (playing ages 20s to 30s)

Casey/Student Raver/Hampstead Heath Mother/Liberty/Passer By 2. Casey is being made redundant by Sarah and is not happy about it! Student Raver and Hampstead Mother as above. Liberty works at Liberty and is obsessed with the store... Passer By 2 also tries to persuade Freya to jump. (playing ages 20s to 30s)

Young Robert/Business Man/Student Raver/Swimmer/WW2 Officer/Scammer/Dr Tim. Young Robert is seen at University meeting his future wife Grace and later being tempted by the Airline Business Men. Business Man is a nervous airplane traveller. Student Raver and Swimmer as above.  WW2 Officer appears briefly with the Old Woman as she becomes young again. Scammer - a young man lying about a sick child to get money. Dr Tim - a kind but over worked Doctor who tries to help Freya. (playing ages 20s to 30s)

Grace/Student Raver/Hampstead Heath Mother/Receptionist/Jogger. Grace is Robert's wife and the mother of Sarah, Freya and Jasmine. We see her only as a young woman. She appears to Freya at the end of the play as futuristic nurse. Student Raver and Hampstead Mother as above. Receptionist - a hospital receptionist. Jogger - an unobservant jogger! (playing ages 20s to 30s)

In addition I would like 2-4 Background unspeaking roles who would also double as ASMs/costume assistants. You wouldn't need to attend many rehearsals and could possibly not be needed for every show as well. Please contact me if you are interested in doing these.

I'm also looking for people for the following backstage roles, contact me if you are interested:

Stage Manager - an experienced and capable SM who could also possibly do some of the background roles. Quite a lot of props to find and coordinate.

Deputy Stage Manager - for rehearsals and BLT run only. Prompt for rehearsals only but running the very busy book at BLT.

Costume Team - a small team to provide a lot of costumes!  Mostly present day but some 60/70s stuff required plus a few futuristic items for 2525! Plus some odd things like Polar Bear costumes... Will be a very busy show with costumes.

Choreographer - looking for someone to work with non dancers on some simple high energy dance numbers plus some movement sequences.

Lighting/Sound Operator/Assistant - to operate at BLT and possibly BOAT.  Also to help with set-up and strike of lights/sound at BOAT.

Video Displays/Animation - need some projected video sequences possibly using some basic animation.

Set Painters - the set is planned to be like an explosion of colour and shapes like a piece of abstract art so need people willing to be creative all over the stage walls, floor and furniture!