Audition Notice

Edith in the Dark, by Philip Meeks

Sunday 12th August, 6pm

Director: Tess Gill

Edith in the Dark web image.jpg

Production Dates: 30th October - 3rd November 2018

Rehearsals: commencing: Expected to be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday starting 16th September (the first couple of weeks will be outside the theatre)

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Tess: or call 07769 675637.


The play hinges on the telling of stories. Edith invites Mr Guasto to her writing room after he has helped her with a young lady who has become unwell at one of her husband’s Christmas parties. She does this partly because she is looking for an excuse to escape the tedium downstairs but also because she is interested in the young admirer.

Unfortunately, he is not interested in her except wanting to hear her read some of her work. She refuses to read the children’s books he loves and instead reads her gothic horrors. There follows an evening which is part immersive storytelling and part understanding the story of Edith and why the horror stories appeal to her. Joined by Biddy, her older, slightly drunken housekeeper, the three of them take multiple parts in the tales.

The play relies on each actor playing their own part but also inhabiting the parts of the other characters from the stories they collectively tell. Some of these are surprising castings but I am looking for a sincerity and commitment to each part that is played. (There is some humour in this as well but ultimately these are gothic horror tales).

The lighting and sound will play a key part in the play but the emphasis will be on the actors and their performances.

Please contact me about auditioning as there will be a workshop element to this. 

I am also looking for backstage assistance including stage management, lighting and sound operation, costume and props etc as well as actors so contact me if you would like to be part of the team.


Edith Nesbitt The famous children’s author is astute, brilliant but unhappy. She’s quick witted and has an eye for a younger man. She’s a very modern woman for the era but almost everything she does is a diversion from her own private heartache and secrets. Late 30s - late 40s.

Mr Guasto Tall, strident and handsome. He is a great admirer of Edith’s but not of the stories he is told. Late 20s – early 30s.

Biddy Older than Edith but very fond of her Biddy has become slightly inebriated on her own punch and appears occasionally confused. 40- 60s