Audition Notice

The Graduate, Adapted by Terry Johnson from the Novel by Charles Webb 

Sunday 10th June 2018, 6pm

Director: Ann Atkins

the graduate web image.jpg

Production Dates: 15th - 22nd September 2018

Rehearsals: 22nd July – 4th August and 19th August – 14th September.

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Ann:


Benjamin Braddock, recent college graduate, returns home where his proud parents have organised a celebration.

Ben, a somewhat shy and a little naive, is reluctant to join the party. After pleas from his parents, he is joined by Mrs Robinson, a close friend of his parents, who blatantly seduces him into becoming her "toy boy lover".

Later on , Benjamin meets Elaine, the Robinson 's daughter and complications begin!


BENJAMIN BRADDOCK Young, naive 21 year old. Until he meets Mrs Robinson! (21)

MR BRADDOCK Benjamin's father. Upstanding family man. (40s/early 50s)

MRS BRADDOCK Benjamin's doting mother. (40s/early 50s)

MR ROBINSON Elaine's father. Fond of Ben. Son he never had. (mid/late 40s)

MRS ROBINSON Elaine's mother. Glamorous, sexy, predatory. (mid/late 40s)

ELAINE ROBINSON Sweet, naive, feisty later. (early 20s)

PSYCHIATRIST Small role. Can double with desk clerk. (Any age)

DESK CLERK Small role. Can double with psychologist. (Any age)

CLUB STRIPPER Small role. (20s/30s)

BARMAN Small role could double. (Any age)

TWO MEN ON STREET Small roles. (Any age)