Audition Notice

Kings & Queens

Sunday 16th June, 7pm

Producer: Joseph Bentley

Kings and Queens web image.jpg

Production Dates: 12th - 14th September

Rehearsals: Independently organised between actors and directors. However, full availability is required during week commencing 8th September 2019 for technical and dress rehearsals.

For more information, please contact Joseph on


Following the success of Broken Silence last season, we are creating another production to support our Brick by Brick fundraising campaign, comprised exclusively of Shakespearean monologues and duologues from royal and noble characters.

We will thread together a cohesive show from the offerings that actors bring to audition.

Please select no more than three monologues or duologues with which you have an affinity and that you would love to perform. I ask only that your pieces are from royal or noble characters to maintain our theme, and they can be selected from any of Shakespeare’s plays, not only the histories. The pieces need not be age or gender appropriate to you as traditionally played.

There’s no reason men can’t have a crack at Lady Macbeth or Titania, and no reason women can’t smash out a Prince Hal or a King Lear. Let your imagination go and see what you can muster up. Don’t be limited to tragedy, there are plenty of opportunities here for comedy, especially if you want to consider doing a piece in drag... You get the idea, but make it work for you. Also, why not splice together your own monologues from a character’s lines in a scene? (Artfully though please. If we can see the joins then it probably won’t work!)

If you are presenting a duologue, please organise yourselves with a fellow actor with whom you would like to work.

Auditioning for this show is open to all, and you will not be disadvantaged based on involvement with any other scheduled shows in the season. Rehearsals will be up to you and your assigned director to organise in your own time and in your own space, at times that fit around your other theatre and home commitments. Unfortunately, due to demand for theatre space, rehearsal time in the theatre is not available until the week of the show.

The final performances will be in the auditorium, but staging must be simplistic, with minimal props, costume, and lighting, to fit around the scheduled season production being rehearsed on the main stage.

Please let me know prior to audition which pieces you are auditioning with. I am not able to advise you on monologues to look at, it is important that you choose pieces with which you personally connect.

NB - Please do not bring any pieces from the Chorus or King Henry from Henry V.

Please note: you must be a paid-up member in order to audition for any production at Brighton Little Theatre.