Review of Comedy@theLittle

Unfortunately the review for Comedy@TheLittle didn’t make it on to The Argus website.  It is reproduced in full below.

Being funny is much harder than playing straight: being funny about acting straight requires something extraordinary.  Brighton Little Theatre’s new production of two short comedies stretched talent to the utmost to enormous effect.

Box and Cox, directed by Suzanne Buist, bounced and sparkled, even without Sullivan’s score.  Neil Drew as the hapless hatter was comical in every fibre of his being, eyes popping with incredulous horror as Mrs Bouncer’s deception dawned upon him. Cameron Corcoran made a nicely thuggish printer, (if unlikely lost brother) whilst Patti Griffiths had endless fun as a landlady on the make.


But the farcical absurdities of Box and Cox were earthbound in contrast to the Kiss A Toad production of Hamlet in Don’t Blame it on the Boots. The silver boots of a thespian played the Ghost. Or did they? The audience doesn’t know, any more than Eric does, or a demented Ophelia, Gina May Jamieson superb as a really dreadful ingénue.  The excellent amateur Little Theatre company, under director Faye Woodbridge, played a terrible amateur company under the exasperated Kate, fruitlessly shouting at a hopeless cast and irritated wardrobe mistress. It was farce at a cracking pace, hilariously well done with daft programme notes to match.

4 stars - Louise Schweitzer