The Playboy of the Western World

Tuesday 31st January - Saturday 4th February 2017

The part of Sara Tansey remains uncast.  The playing age is late teens/early 20sand she is one of three giggly peasant girls. It’s not a demanding role but is, nevertheless, an important part of the ensemble.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the part please contact Felicity Clements on 07776 238 368.


Christy Mahon - Nik Balfe

Old Mahon - John Hartnett

Michael James Flaherty - Mike Skinner

Pegeen Mike - Charlotte Atkinson

Widow Quin - Dee Forrest

Shawn Keogh - Ben Taylor

Philly Cullen - Jason Lever

Jimmy Farrell - Steven Adams

Honor Blake - Abigail Hyde

Susan Brady - Lana Jordan

Sara Tansey - TBC


Director - Nick Roche

Assistant to Director - Felicity Clements

Stage Manager - Lynne Rule Peters

Assistant Stage Manager - Juliet Hartnett

Set Design - Steven Adams

Costumes - Barbara Campbell