Cast Updates

Rattle of a Simple Man poster.jpg

Rattle of a Simple Man, 21st - 25th February

Cyrenne Leah Mooney

Percy Des Potton

Ricard Benjamin Taylor

Director Harry Atkinson

Stage Manager Josie Durand

Props Glenys Stuart

Set Design/Construction Tom Williams

Lighting Operation Bruno Guerin







The Actress, 21st - 25th March

Lydia Tess Gill

Katherine Mimi Goddard

Margaret Lyn Snowdon

Paul Steven Adams

Nicole Rosie Ross

Charles Gerry Wicks

Harriet Suzanne Buist

Director Leigh Ward

Assistant Director Sarah Leedham

Stage Manager Myles Locke

Deputy Stage Manager Charlotte Atkinson

Set Design Steven Adams

Costumes Frankie Knight & Keziah Israel

Lighting & Sound Operation Tina Sitko