The Actress

21st - 25th March 2017, 7.45pm

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With just over a week to go, rehearsals for The Actress are going really well and everyone is learning to adore the grand dame that is Lydia Martin!

The play centres around Lydia, a colourful and complicated actress, who is preparing to make her emotional farewell performance.  Various people from her life invade her dressing room to say their goodbyes, declare their love, roar with laughter, spit insults, grab a final embrace, and renew old battles.  It is a touching and funny play from the author of Glorious! and Boy Band.

Lydia has been brought to life with consummate skill by Tess Gill.  Gerry Wicks plays her rich Genevan banker fiancée with his usual aplomb.  Suzanne Buist plays Harriet, Lydia’s neurotic (and, dare we say it, alcoholic!) agent with a passion that is equal to Lydia’s.  Margaret, the Company Manager more interested in picking the best ‘souvenir’ than the company, is played by Lyn Fernee with great comic timing.  Steven Adams plays Paul, Lydia’s erstwhile ex-husband who returns for the first time in ten years.  Alongside these more established members I’ve had the pleasure of working with new member Rosie Ross, who plays Nicole – Lydia’s down to earth and slightly lost daughter.  Special mention must go to Mimi Goddard who plays Lydia’s dresser, Katherine.  Mimi has recently had an operation but this hasn’t stopped her coming to rehearsals and giving Katherine a warm and funny character as the perfect foil to Tess’s Lydia.

I am incredibly fortunate to be supported by Sarah Leedham as Assistant Director who has been a very useful second set of eyes (as well as chief coffee maker!).  Myles Locke is keeping everything in shape backstage as Stage Manager and is supported by Charlotte Atkinson as DSM/Rehearsal Prompt.  Frankie Knight has dressed them all and Kez Price has provided make up advice.  Bev Grover is busy working on lighting the stage and Tina Sitko will be pressing the buttons on the night.  Thanks must also go to Patti Griffiths who has provided wig advice and also the wig itself!

We hope you’ll come and see Lydia’s farewell performance – and see that “actors are the happiest saddest people you’ll ever meet”.

Leigh Ward