Parking at the Theatre

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a few complaints from the neighbours about cars being parked at the rear of the theatre.

Whilst we appreciate that parking is always going to be an issue in central Brighton, especially if there are lots of drivers in the cast, please do try to be considerate to our neighbours.

You should only be parking at the rear of the theatre if you are actually going to be in the building (tempting as it might be for a spot of shopping!).  There should be enough space for three cars to park as long as the first car pulls in as close to the fire escape as possible. 

Please don’t block the gates on the theatre side (by the workshop doors) as it prevents access to the flat at the back of the theatre.  Also, please try to not block the entrance under the archway/park across the entrance to the flats at the rear of the theatre.  This is not our land and whilst we have a ‘right of way’ across it we don’t have the right to park on it.