The Season moves on apace with another two productions down and seven to go! Both Playboy of The Western World and our more recent bar production, Rattle of A Simple Man, presented very different challenges – Playboy in terms of style and language and Rattle with actors working in such close proximity to their audience. I would like to thank the directors, Nick Roche and Harry Atkinson, and casts and crews of both shows, for two such high quality productions.

Hot on their heels will be Peter Quilter’s The Actress, directed by Leigh Ward, which opens on 21 March, followed by Youth@thelittle with the double bill, Goodnight Mr. Tom and Arabian Nights, which is followed by our May production, Urinetown, also inrehearsal.

I am, of course, looking forward to all our forthcoming productions but I would really love to see our members getting behind our Youth Group. Claire Lewis and her team are working fantastically hard to bring to the stage two very challenging productions. Your support at these shows genuinely helps the youngsters and encourages them to give of their best.

On the building renovation, we are looking to have a computer model of the plans to the BLT building in situ in the bar quite soon. This will give everyone a chance to take a look at the proposed changes to the building.

Another year has sped by and I’m looking forward to the upcoming AGM on 9 April. Hope to see you there! 

With best wishes

Felicity Clements