Play Readings

Play readings are a great way to familiarise yourself with plays old and new, to practice or hone your sight reading skills in a safe environment, and to meet up with other like-minded theatre people.

The play readings at Brighton Little Theatre were introduced to the company by Steve Adams, who hosted them very successfully for six years.   We’re following a similar format to that developed by Steve, and now have the added advantage of membership of the Surrey Performing Arts Library which has literally hundreds of play sets from which we can choose.

Play readings are a great way to spend an evening, particularly if you are new to the company, or if you are uncertain of your performance skills and don’t feel ready to audition for one of our publicly performed shows.

The evenings usually attract somewhere between 12 and 20 peopleand we always have a mix of those who have been before and newbies.  The plays are broken down into 6 or 8 sections, with the readers changing for each section.   Parts allocations are largely gender neutral and definitely age neutral.  So you may find yourself reading the part of an angst ridden teenage boy, a harassed housewife and a dying pensioner all on one evening.   

As host of the evenings, I do my best to ensure that everyone gets as many opportunities to read as possible, although that does to some extent depend on how many are attending (and the number of cast members in any given play).

We always have an interval when tea, coffee and biscuits are available, which provides an opportunity to chat to other readers.   Similarly, the play readings start at 7.30 pm but many people like to come in up to half an hour earlier to meet others, have some refreshments and glance at the play scripts.

If you haven’t been before why not give it a try?   The main function of the play reading evenings is entertainment, and everyone is welcome.   Please don’t worry if you don’t know anyone else, we are a very friendly bunch.  

Because the vibrant nature of our theatre company means that the building is always very busy, it’s not possible to have regular monthly readings.  We have to fit them in when there’s a space in the theatre!   So you’ll need to keep your eyes open for dates, but play readings are always advertised in Little Voice and also through the BLT Membership group email.  

I really hope to see you soon and if you’ve got any suggestions for plays you’d like to have a go at reading please do let me know at