New Members' Evening

On 28th February, a goodly number of new and newish members pitched up and enjoyed an evening of socialising and hilarious japes on the stage.

A big welcome to you all and we hope to see you at/in shows, auditions, play readings, behind the bar and at other events in the future.

Workshops Update

Tap Workshop

Thanks go to Jade for delivering an excellent tap workshop on 5th March for about twenty BLT members. Puffed, panting but glorious the class stomped out a great routine at the end of the two-hour workshop.

Mime WorkshoP

On Sunday 5th March, Patti ran an impromptu Mime Workshop (to replace the Directing Workshop which will be rearranged).  The class worked on the basic principles of mime and came up with some irreverent and downright silly sketches. Thanks to Patti for giving us a dollop of mime!