What’s Happened So Far?

The recent AGM provided you with a chance to hear more about the BLT renovation project. If you didn’t manage to attend I am sure most members have now seen the plans on display.

Overall project planning remains firmly with the Project Sub-Committee but Flossie has asked me to head up a small team to look at the funding side of things.

At the Project Sub-Committee held on Tuesday 18th April I presented an overview of how I currently saw this, and a breakdown of this is available here.

Our approach will fall under three main headings (each with sub-headings):-

•               BLT – and our own network

•               Business and Corporates

•               General Public

The gut feel is that most of the required finance will come from:-

•               Our own BLT reserves (increasing if we continue to be profitable)

•               Grants (some ambitious, some less so)

•               Loans

Matching available funds to project progress will be critical.

The first thing to do is to research all possibilities in more detail, and adapt this framework with the knowledge gained. A more detailed and coherent plan will be the result.

What Help Is Needed?

The “team” I need to recruit (4 or 5) should bring a mix of talents to the table, including (but definitely not exclusively):

•               Previous fund-raising experience

•               Financial/Legal/Charity/Tax knowledge

•               Communication/Networking/Social Media skills

•               Selling/Marketing/PR/ Creative writing skills

•               Secretarial/Administrative skills

•               and most importantly, common sense and a good sense of humour!

How Can I Get Involved?

I guess I will therefore need to hold an “audition” for those who might be interested to join me. I don’t quite know what response to expect, but if I am overwhelmed (!) , the usual BLT “health warning” applies viz. please don’t be offended if you don’t get a part!

I anticipate a monthly meeting – probably at my flat in central Hove.

When Will It Start?

Work on this can start as soon as practical without prejudice to the upcoming Q&A and EGM meetings at the Theatre.

If interested please get in touch with a VERY brief (bullet points only) resumé by email to

Gerry Wicks