The Effect

Tuesday 30th May - Saturday 3rd June

We have just under a month before The Effect appears on Brighton Little Theatre's stage but that doesn't mean we are not far along in preparations.

Steven Adams has already created two hospital beds, which are installed in the bar, Myles Locke has supplied us withsome amazing props, from specimen bottles (we haven't filled them yet) to a multitude of mobile phones and Chris Smith is searching out brain scans!

A love story set on a medical drugs trial of a new anti-depressant the play flows through the relationships of four people. Tristan and Connie played by Nick Farr and Kez Price are patients in the trial, unsure whether the effects they are feeling are their own or caused by the drug.

The doctors running the trial while battling their own feelings: Dr Lorna James and Dr Toby Seeley are played by Kirrily Long and Jeremy Crow. All have been working extremely hard and are creating brilliant characters.

Mimi Goddard will be joining the family operating lights and sound and I have to give special thanks to Joseph Bentley who has already been along to talk to the doctors about anti-depressants and their effects. We are hoping that other expertise will be joining us through the process.

I hope you will join us at the end of May to see the final effects!

The Effect opens on Tuesday 30th May and runs through until Saturday 3rd June.

Tickets available in the usual ways, online at or via telephone on 0844 888 0432.