Audition Notice

Beyond Therapy, by Christopher Durang

Sunday 5th November at 7pm

Director: Faye Woodbridge

Production dates: 30th January – 3rd February 2018 (5 performances)

Rehearsals: Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur from 19th Nov – very sporadic until Jan. There’s 1 or 2 Friday’s due to working around The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Christmas/New Year.

Living in the very early 80s and looking for a relationship? Have you tried placing a personal ad in the local newspaper? Well Bruce has - encouraged by his therapist Charlotte. When Prudence answers the ad, against the wishes of her therapist (and ex-fling) Stuart, she and Bruce tumble into a series of meetings, confrontations, therapy sessions and meals; admittedly with the conspicuous absence of a waiter.

Set in America – everyone will need to take a stab at the accent in the audition but don’t panic, it’s just to get a grasp on people’s abilities!

Prudence - The only sane person – at least she thinks so. Looking for love and determined to succeed so much that she’ll continue to see someone she’s very unsure of in the hopes of finding it.  Late 20s – 40

Bruce - Bisexual and trying to explore that element of his life for the first time - having lived as straight until divorcing his wife and living as a gay man. Currently in a long term relationship with Bob. On the advice of his therapist he is trying to express his emotions freely - making him more than a little unpredictable. 30 – mid 40s

Stuart - Prudence’s therapist. Thinks of himself as macho man; is possibly just lecherous. Has had sexual relationships with several of his patients including Prudence and doesn’t like her attempt at assertiveness. Has jealousy issues. Mid 30s – Early 50s (depending on Prudence’s age – sorry!)

Charlotte - Bruce’s therapist. Mad as a hatter with a terrible memory for words. Believes firmly that people should act honestly on every emotion. Hasn’t quite grasped that Bruce is already in a long term relationship with Bob. Mid 30s – 60s

Bob - Bruce’s boyfriend. They live together and have done so for a year. He is, understandably, put out that Bruce is dating. Mid 20s – mid 40s

Waiter - Very small role. When not working, a job he’s pretty awful at, is a bit of a ‘bad boy’. Not averse to Bob’s flirting. 20s

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