Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st October 2017

The Ruffian on the Stair, by Joe Orton

Welcome to the fiftieth anniversary of Joe Orton's death. In keeping with such a morbid landmark, come and join us for a staging of Orton's first play.  It has almost as much weirdness as any of his plays but crammed into just one act!

I've had a really great time finally getting my hands on the Little's main stage, so I'm hoping as many of you as possible get the chance to come along and take a peek into the lives of the three characters.

All of them have been brought to life tremendously by three fantastic actors, all new to Brighton Little. Kerri Frost is bringing hysteria and desperation to Joyce, while Nick Kuh shows us how to be the worst hitman in history, and all the while, under the care of Gabriel Phelan, the cool and charming Wilson watches them, waiting to make his move. These three guys have worked so hard, and together I think we've got something really interesting to show you.

Huge thank you to Steven Adams for designing and building our set, to Mimi Goddard and Stephen Evans for always being there, to the cast for their dedication, and especially to Rebecca for saying to me, "This play is really weird, and totally messed up.... It's very you!"

Hope to see you all there, and if anyone can help us finally work out who the salmon is, we'd be forever grateful!

Joseph Bentley, Director

Man in a Room, by K J Heritage


I was very pleased and flattered to be asked to direct one of the one act plays again this year.  It is especially exciting to be directing a play written by a local playwright.

This play is very different from the last one I directed - it is both deeper and darker. Very, very dark. Although the play is simple in its staging, its themes and messages are both rich and disturbing. It has been interesting to note how the process for the two genres has been so widely divergent.

Rehearsals have focused mainly on unpacking the complex and subtle motivations of the characters, and finding new ways of accessing some quite tricky dialogue.

Nevertheless, all is going well and the play is really beginning to take shape. The actors, Nick Roche (the man) and Nik Balfe (Agent Stevens) have worked incredibly hard and have been refreshingly open to direction, as well as being able to offer their own interesting interpretations and nuances. It is a pleasure to work with such talented people.

I would like to thank: my actors (of course!); Steven Adams for yet another wonderful set; Stephen Evans and Mimi Goddard for back-stage support and being able to offer practical solutions to problems which were driving me mad; and the BLT committee for allowing me this wonderful opportunity again.

A final thank you must go to the playwright, however, without whom, none of this would be possible. Thanks, Kev!

Suzanne Buist, Director

New@TheLittle opens on Thursday 19th October and runs through until Saturday 21st October (3 performances). 

Tickets available in the usual ways, online here or via telephone on 0844 888 0432.