Audition Notice

Murder and the Brighton Twine by Peter James
Audition to be held on 16th January 2018 at 7.30pm

Organiser:                         Felicity Clements
Venue and Date:              Royal Pavilion Dinner, Friday 9 March 2018
Rehearsals:                       Anticipate 2 or 3 rehearsals. Dates to be agreed with cast following auditions.

We are excited to have been invited by Mo Marsh, Mayor of the City of Brighton and Hove and long-time member of Brighton Little Theatre, to take part in a murder mystery at a Royal Pavilion Dinner on 9 March in support of the Five Mayoral Charities (Martlets, Rise, Sussexx Heart charity, Clocktower Homeless Charity and Albion in the Community). The script has been penned by international, best-selling thriller writer, Peter James.   The script is a series of monologues which will be delivered to the dinner guests by a Narrator and four characters – the chief suspects…..

(NB: Words won’t necessarily need to be learnt off by heart but well enough to be able to deliver mostly out to the audience)

Background: Local business woman, Mrs. Mo Lanes, has been murdered. But whodunnit?

Narrator: A crime reporter from The Argus who briefly introduces the characters at the opening of the piece. Male/female. Any age

Norman Volks-Miller: Well-to-do but has hit hard times after a crash on the financial markets. Mo Lanes was his nanny. 55+

Katie Cowell: Mo Lanes’ protégé. Mo ‘rescued’ her and Katie has gone on to become an important part of Mo’s business operations. 25 to 35

Peter Perry: Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council. 40+

DI Dora Belle: Has an air of authority about her but under pressure to find the culprit. 20 to 40.