New Members’ Evening

Thursday 12th July at 7pm

We’ve had quite a few new members join in the last year or so and if you haven’t made it to a play, a workshop, an audition or a play reading there’s a chance you haven’t even crossed the threshold since you joined. 

New members are vital to BLT so here’s an opportunity for you to come down to the theatre for a couple of hours, meet each other and some of the longer-term members and get to know the theatre better. 

Even if you’ve already been to the theatre this is an opportunity to do something more. It’s going to be a fun-filled evening with opportunities to meet other new members and have a proper look round the theatre. You can have a crack at some improvisation and/or duologues. If you are more interested in back stage activities, there will be people on hand to talk to about your interests and you can completely avoid taking part in the on-stage madness altogether if you prefer.

The bar will be open and there will be nibbles a-plenty.

If you would like to come, please contact Patti on 07872 469034 or patti.griffiths@kingdom-enteprises.co.uk so that we can more accurately judge the nibble mountain.