Fury, by Phoebe Eclair-Powell

(in a double bill with Stay Happy Keep SMiling by Anna Jordan)

Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th September at 7.45pm

Fury image.jpg

Rehearsals for Fury are going remarkably well and I have this excellently written play and a wonderful cast and crew to thank for this. 

 As one-act plays go, this definitely packs as much intensity in as is possible. It is the dark, gritty tale of a young single mum, Sam who has had a hard life. She is not a dedicated mother, by anybody’s standards, but the situation is made much worse when Tom, the seemingly ‘nice guy’ from upstairs takes an interest in her. He manipulates and threatens her when she doesn’t do what he wants. The story is told by the ‘Greek style’ Chorus who are simply named Man, Woman and Fury and our perception of Sam, Tom and the plot is constantly moulded by their commentary. I believe this makes for a fascinating and quite an unusual, chilling piece of modern theatre. 


I am lucky to have a marvellous cast! Our leading lady is the wonderful Keziah Israel, who finished Animal Farm the day before starting Furyrehearsals, and Sense and Sensibilityprior to that - such dedication! Her versatility and engaging energy make her perfect for Sam. Playing opposite her is Tom Cunningham, who recently played Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Stanmer House and we saw last at the Little in Earthquakes in London. Tom is a fantastic young actor and is doing brilliantly bringing the character (whom we lovingly refer to as ‘Creepy Tom’) to life.

The chorus is made up of Carrie Lambe as Woman, Jeremy Crow as Man and Beky Peake as Fury. Carrie can always be relied upon to deliver an excellent performance and her portrayal of Woman is just that. Woman is fed up with the world and has seen it all before. Man is a playful character that likes to be devil’s advocate and can be vicious. Jeremy, the talented man that he is, has a superb grasp of the feel of this piece and really brings the poetry alive, in its language and plot. Fury is a powerful force that is most definitely in Sam’s corner. Beky is a relatively new member of Brighton Little and we are so lucky to have her. She brings passion and a sense of morality to the play. 

Frankie Knight joins me as assistant director and has been incredibly helpful with her excellent eye for detail. Stephen Evans will be joining me as stage manager and I am so pleased to have such an experienced and lovely SM keeping me in check!

As my directorial debut at the Little, I was quite apprehensive of the task ahead of me and I must admit, it has been quite a learning curve. However, everyone involved has been so supportive and I have had some great feedback so far so please come and see this unsettling, but unmissable play. 

Ellie Mason

Fury is in a double bill with Stay Happy Keep Smiling and opens on Thursday 27th September and runs until Saturday 29th September (3 performances)

Tickets available in the usual ways, online by clicking here or by calling 0844 888 0432.