Stay Happy Keep Smiling, by Anna Jordan

(in a double bill with Fury by Phoebe Eclair-Powell)

Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th September at 7.45pm

Stay Happy Keep Smiling image.jpg

“I can’t go back after what I have witnessed. It will remain forever; etched in hideous technicolor on the underside of my eyelids.”

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Six eyewitnesses to a gruesome murder in broad daylight. Their lives are changed: Rita cannot hold her son. Tony does jigsaw puzzles and counts his wife’s breaths. Elliot must face up to who he really is. Farrah is forced to reconnect with a past long forgotten. Annie starts to feel again. And Stefan feels nothing. 

Inspired by the horror of the Woolwich murder of Brigadier Lee Rigby, Stay Happy Keep Smiling is a fictionalised exploration of the lives of ordinary people in the aftermath of witnessing an extraordinary event.

I am very lucky to have six wonderful actors playing the seventeen characters in this affecting play by Anna Jordan. Alongside this I have a fantastic team behind the scenes, with a special mention to Sarah Leedham with her fabulous assistance and providing the cast with scrummy brownies.  

We are very lucky to get our hands on this new piece of writing from Brentwood Prize winning playwright Anna Jordan, who had very kindly gifted us the rights to perform the new currently unpublished play. 


We are used to hearing from victims of an act of terror, those who have been physically changed. Here we have the unusual opportunity to see the ripple effect of such an act. 

Rehearsals are going very well, each character has really come to life in the rehearsal room. We've all had speechless moments and from time to time a tear or two. The commitment from the cast has been clear from the outset to portray each character with realness and sincerity. Something which I hope will be very powerful in our little theatre.

It's hard hitting, but essential theatre. 

We are most definitely not in Kansas anymore. 

Mandy-Jane Jackson

Stay Happy Keep Smiling is in a double bill with Fury and opens on Thursday 27th September and runs until Saturday 29th September (3 performances)

Tickets available in the usual ways, online by clicking here or by calling 0844 888 0432.