Edith in the Dark, by Philip Meeks

Tuesday 30th October - Saturday 3rd November at 7.45pm

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There is just under two weeks before Edith in the Dark opens and the rehearsals are going very well!

Mimi Goddard is playing Edith, beloved children's author. Edith, bored of her husband's dreary Christmas party, has escaped to her writing room with Mr Guasto played by Nik Balfe.  They are soon joined by her old retainer, Mrs Thricefold played by Patti Griffiths and together they embark on an evening of story telling. 

However, these are not the comforting stories of The Railway Children or The Phoenix and the Carpet, these are the dark tales of Edith's youth and reflect her current bleaker outlook.

The cast are all great to work with, this is a challenging script and they have grasped it with enthusiasm, imagination and focus. They are building a number of characters to chill, delight and sometimes amuse.

Steven Adams has built an ingenious and atmospheric set and is currently working on some extraordinary lighting and sound effects.

I am really pleased Paul Charlton has joined us as stage manager, he has not done this for a while with BLT and it's lovely to have his support and professionalism in the team. 

 Glenys Harries-Rees will be operating lights and sound and we are looking forward to her joining us. 

Frankie Knight has brought together some beautiful costumes and Claire Ghiaci is providing some excellent rehearsal support.

I really hope that you will be able to join us in the dark!

Tess Gill

Edith in the Dark opens on Tuesday 30th October and runs until Saturday 3rd November (all at 7.45pm). Tickets available in the usual ways, by clicking here or by calling 0844 888 0432.