Open Mic Night

Saturday 2nd March, 7pm


“What is this exciting NEW evening at The Brighton Little Theatre?” I hear you cry…

Well I will tell you! As part of the Brick by Brick fundraising scheme, we thought it would be great idea to start a very casual get together night at the theatre with a bit of light entertainment. 

If all goes well, we will be holding them on Saturday nights every couple of months in the bar. All proceeds from the bar and any kind donations will go towards the renovation fund. 

It will hopefully be a great chance for new and more seasoned members to hang out, socialise, have a few drinks and show off some of their talents at the same time!

So, to kick things off with a bang, the first Saturday Night Social will be an Open Mic Night. Are you a secret singer?  Love to read a poem or two? Burning to do a dramatic reading? Know a few magic tricks? 

Well then come show us what you’ve got! Any talent is welcome (as long as it’s legal!).

There is no need to sign up before hand, just come along put your name on the list and give it a go. 

Mimi Goddard will be hosting the night with help and support from her partner in crime Mandy Marshall. 

We really hope to see you there!

If you have any cracking ideas for future entertainment for a Saturday Night Social, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mimi by email on