Absurd Person Singular, by Alan Ayckbourn

Friday 15th - Saturday 23rd March

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Absurd Person Singular is one of Ayckbourn's first and arguably one of his finest.  Set in three acts, over three Christmas eves, it portrays the ongoing battle of the classes - the builder, the architect and the bank manager.

It was first produced in the round in 1972 at Scarborough's Library Theatre, where Ayckbourn offered a yearly play. It subsequently transferred to the Criterion Theatre, London.  Ayckbourn went on to be one of the biggest names in modern British playwriting.

As the play unfolds, we see the role reversal of the three men and their wives.  Though mainly a farce, it has its dark moments as the three couples aim to resolve their personal relationships.

The cast is as follows:

Sydney Hopcroft                   Scott Roberts
Jane Hopcroft                       Josie Durand
Geoffery Jackson                  Frankie Davison
Eva Jackson                          Harriet Howard Moore
Ronald Brewster Wright        Mike Skinner
Marion Brewster Wright       Nikki Dunsford

Rehearsals are going well and our intrepid Stage Managers, Thaisa Money, Suzanne Buist and Ros Caldwell are getting to grips with Steven Adams’ complicated, but  brilliant set of three different kitchens.

As yet, no dogs, or actors were harmed in this production!!!

Ann Atkins

Absurd Person Singular opens on Friday 15th March and runs until Saturday 23rd March at 7.45pm.  There is a matinee at 2.30pm on Sunday 17th March. Please note there is no performance on Monday 18th March.

Tickets available by clicking here or by calling 0844 888 0432.