Mary Stuart, adapted by Peter Oswald

Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th July @ BLT
Wednesday 17th - Saturday 20th July @ BOAT


There’s just under two weeks left until Mary Stuart opens at BLT and I’m really pleased with how things are shaping up in this classic story of love, power and betrayal.

Based on Schiller’s orignal, the adaptation by Peter Oswald brings to life some of history’s most colourful (and famous) characters.

In reality, Mary and Elizabeth never met, but spent their whole lives fascinated and shaped by each other and their actions. Oswald’s adaptation shows what “might have been” and the consequences of one fatal morning at Fotheringhay Castle.

The cast have been brilliant to work with, developing characters and working through some of the fascinating history of the period.  


Tess Gill and new member Sam Nixon brilliantly bring to life the tragic but strong Queen of Scots and the powerful but vulnerable Queen of England respectively. Providing amazing support are familiar faces Mimi Goddard (Kennedy), Nikki Dunsford (Paulet), Gerry Wicks (Burleigh),

Steven Adams (Leicester), Faye Woodbridge (Shrewsbury), Joseph Bentley (Mortimer), Rob Punter (Davison) and two new members - Aimee Webb (Aubespine and Melvil) and Sofia Furtado (Bellievre and Page).

We’ve given the production an ‘80s feel through striking black and red costumes which have been brilliantly pieced together by Margaret Skeet and new member Laura Johnston.  Providing an amazing back drop to this is the simple but striking set created by Steven Adams and Tom Williams.  Bev Grover is making it all look beautiful with her usual style and panache on the lighting front.

Lucie Thaxter has been a real support, sitting with me in rehearsals and will also be acting as DSM at the theatre.

Everyone on this production has worked so incredibly hard and we hope you’ll be able to join our little Tudor family. 

Leigh Ward

Mary Stuart opens on Tuesday 2nd July and runs until Saturday 6th July at BLT and then Wednesday 17th – Saturday 20th July at BOAT.

Tickets available for BLT online here or for BOAT at or by calling 0844 888 0432 (phone line is for BLT run only).