Audition Notice

Mary Stuart, adapted by Peter Oswald

Sunday 24th February, 7pm

Director: Leigh Ward

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Production Dates: BLT 2nd – 6th July 2019 BOAT 17th – 20th July 2019

Rehearsals: BLT 19th May – 1st July BOAT 15th and 16th July

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Leigh on


“Do not forget that nothing stands forever…”  

Mary Stuart is imprisoned in England.  Elizabeth I hesitates over the signing of the death warrant that will end her life.  A disastrous meeting is arranged between the two women leading to the last days of Mary Stuart and, finally, her elevation as a martyr.

The meeting never happened but, as Goethe said, “It will be good to see those two whores alongside each other”.  Schiller's Mary redeems her youthful crimes through an ordeal that lifts her into realms of spiritual serenity, while Elizabeth descends deeper into rage, revenge and deception. 

Oswald’s striking new adaptation, written in a mix of prose and poetry, brings to life this imagined meeting and explores the characters of two of history’s most iconic figures.  Recently performed to sell out audiences at The Almeida Theatre, London, the play is an intense and gripping human story.

Whilst the two main parts obviously require female actors, several of the other parts can be played by either male or female actors, so please do not be put off from auditioning!


Elizabeth Queen of England for many years. She is a fierce and proud Protestant ruler who is deeply threatened by Mary’s claim to the English throne. Female. 35+

Mary Queen of Scots.  She fled Scotland to escape political turmoil and is imprisoned by Elizabeth. Mary is a proud woman absolutely sure of her place in history and her Catholic beliefs. Female. 35+

Paulet Mary’s jailer.  Paulet is harsh and has no love for Mary.  Some might say Paulet relishes the task. Neutral. 40+

Mortimer Paulet’s relative. Has a great admiration for Mary and plots to free her by force. Neutral. 20s/30s

O’Kelly/Kent/Page (small doubled roles) O’Kelly: Mortimer’s co-conspirator who breaks news that the plot has failed. Kent: One of Elizabeth’s advisers. Page:servant of Elizabeth. Neutral. 30s+

Leicester Elizabeth’s favourite male companion – she loves him but can never have him. A bit of a ‘peacock’ whose feelings towards Mary develop during the play. Male. 30s – 50s (dependant Elizabeth)

Talbot A close advisor of Elizabeth.  Talbot was Mary’s original gaoler but far more lenient than Paulet. Clearly fond of Mary, Talbot tries to prevent the inevitable. Neutral. 40s+

Aubespine/Melvil (doubled role) Aubespine:the French Ambassador to Elizabeth sent as proxy for the Dauphin of France. Melvil: staunch Catholic and Mary’s ‘chief of staff’. Very much an ardent believer in the right of Mary. Neutral. 30s+

Davison Elizabeth’s secretary who is handed the execution notice. Davison has honour but is conflicted by duty. Neutral. 30s+

Kennedy Mary’s servant and loyal companion since childhood.  A surrogate mother figure for Mary, she is fiercely defensive of her. Female. 30s+

Burleigh Elizabeth’s Secretary of State and most trusted advisor. He has a strong sense of duty and a deep hatred of Mary.  Despite this, he is made a scapegoat by Elizabeth and banished from court. Male. 30s – 50s (dependant on Elizabeth)

Bellievre/Officer (small doubled role) Bellievre: French courtier sent as part of the mission from the Dauphin of France. Officer:guard sent to arrest Mortimer. Neutral. 30s+