Audition Notice

Man in a Room by K J Heritage

Sunday 30th July at 7pm

Director: Suzanne Buist    

Production dates: 19th – 21st October                    

Rehearsals: Start early in September – days and times to be confirmed                

An intense, darkly humorous interrogation-based two-hander with shades of mystery, comedy and pathos.

An amiable middle-aged man is caught red-handed in a top-secret British germ warfare facility and brought in for questioning by Her Majesty’s government’s most professional interrogator, Agent Stevens. Things really should be relatively straightforward. But in this interrogation, nothing is clear cut and the apparently ‘ordinary’ man is concealing a terrible purpose.

This is an excellent play for two strong male actors. Both parts are ‘meaty’ and offer lots of scope for stretching your acting muscles!

The Man - an enigmatic character. At first, he appears inconsequential, ineffectual, ordinary. But he is not what he appears to be. The character needs to looked ‘lived in’, a little seedy and overweight. 50/60

Agent Stevens - Cocky and self-assured. A bit of a pratt. Thinks he knows it all. Arrogant. He will undergo a huge character change. Needs to be younger than The Man. 20s-40s