Theatre Redevelopment

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October 2018

The purpose of this update is to advise members of progress on the Renovation Project. 


We have launched several initiatives under the Brick by Brick logo. These include a Benefactors and Sponsorship Programme which have been publicised at the theatre, on the BLT website and in our programmes. We have also set up a donations point in the bar encouraging donors to complete Gift Aid forms to enhance the value of their donations.

We currently have funding applications with the Co-op, Brighton and The Pebble Trust. We have been short listed for the Co-op. I understand that our applications are to be reviewed in October 2018.

Our other applications so far have been to Rampion Offshore Windfarms, The Offenheim Organisation and The Foyle Foundation. Each of these applications was unsuccessful. I was advised that Rampion was vastly oversubscribed. As a result, the criteria were narrowed which put us out of the running. Foyle said we were outside their parameters for major funding and should reapply for a minor grant. Offenheim subsequently advised that they fund the same charities each year. We will continue to make further applications over the coming months.

Despite this, sufficient funds will be available to commence Phase 1 of the project which will be renovation of the toilets and building a new room on the first floor which will become the future lighting and sound control room. We will, of course, be continuing our fundraising drive for the next stages of the programme of works.


In 2019 we have a busy summer with outdoor productions, including our trip to The Minack. We will not lose sight of the importance of our productions both inside and outside the theatre. Hence we are planning to go for a start on the building work in May 2020 following the main May festival production, leaving next year unencumbered so that outdoor production preparations are not impinged upon. This timing also fits well for our architects, Deacon and Richardson, who confirm that, in the meantime, they will be working with their associates to complete necessary preliminary work.


The following is a summary of estimated Phase 1 costs v available funds:

Phase 1 Costs                                                                       £s               

·      Pre-Start Preparation Fees                                           30,000

o  VAT                                                                               6,000

·      Toilets and Production Box                                          68,700

o  Fees                                                                              3,010

o  Contingency                                                                 6,870

o  VAT                                                                              15,716

      Total Phase 1 Costs                                                      130,296


Funds Available for Phase 1


Funds available at 20/10/08                                                               112,000*

which include the following from our fundraising activities to date:

·     Joanna Forest Evening                                                                        £240

·     Skydive                                                                                                £2,778

·     Sir Edward at 80                                                                                    £135

·     Little Diversions                                                                                     £569

·     Broken Silence                                                                                       £830

·     One-off anonymous non-member donation                                  £6,000

·     Other member and non-member donations                                   £1,624

*This leaves an operating reserve of £17k in the BLT bank account

Felicity Clements