Audition Notice

Return to the Forbidden Planet, by Bob Carlton

Sunday 27th January, 2pm

Director: Mimi Goddard

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Production Dates: 11th - 18th May 2019 (Brighton Fringe Festival)

Bar song rehearsals: 24th February - 9th March (2 weeks) 
Stage rehearsals: 7th April - 10th May (5 weeks)

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Mimi on


Join Captain Tempest and his fearless crew on their journey into hyperspace… and beyond! This musical bursts with red hot rock and roll hits, including Great Balls of Fire, Good Vibrations, Teenager in Love, The Young Ones and The Monster Mash.

So fasten your seat belts, set your ray guns to stun and get ready for a cosmic adventure of meteoric proportions! Bob Carlton’s smash hit West End musical takes the 1956 film, with plot taken from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, raids the Bard’s other plays at will (and not always absolutely verbatim) and sets it to a score of great pop hits from the 1960s and 70s including: Heard it Through the Grapevine, Young Girl, Good Vibrations, Gloria and many more.

Note about auditions

Due to the nature of the play there will be several sections to the auditions.

The first will be a bit of a group singsong, we will teach you all a very small simple piece of tune from the show and all give it a go in groups. Please do not be put off from auditioning if you are worried you are not a strong singer, or not confident in your abilities. It is true, if you are cast, there will be singing, it’s a musical! But we will have excellent Musical Direction from the wonderfully talented Ella Turk-Thompson and Michael James. There are chorus parts where you will simply be providing a bit of background support for other singers. So DO NOT PANIC!!!

The second part of the auditions will be for anyone going for any of the main singing roles (principal characters). For this we would ask that you come with a prepared song, preferably a rock song or rock ballad from the 50s, 60s or 70s. This can either be from the show or not, just anything you feel comfortable singing. If you can supply a backing track, this can either be on your phone, iPad, laptop etc. or emailed to myself and we will be able to play this through a Bluetooth speaker for you. Just a note on this section, you will not have to perform this song in front of everyone, we will do these as individual auditions in the bar. 

The last section will be that pesky acting bit, where we will run some scenes from the play, if you are interested in any particular character please ask and I can email any relevant scenes we might do.


CAPTAIN TEMPEST Captain of the ship, brave, courageous.... bit of an idiot. Falls in love with Miranda, despite a slightly inappropriate age gap. Solo songs

DR PROSPERO A mad scientist. Father to Miranda. Bit pompous with a complicated past. Solo songs       

MIRANDA Very sweet, young and naive daughter of Dr Prospero. Has been raised on an alien planet, and never met another man other than her father. Instantly falls in love with Tempest. Solo songs       

ARIEL Kind hearted robot built by Dr Prospero. Solo songs       

COOKIE Ships cook, bit of a joke to the rest of the crew. Also falls for Miranda. Solo songs       

GLORIA Starts the show as the ship’s science officer. Quickly abandons ship when things get rough. Only to return with the revelation she is Prospero’s ex-wife and Miranda’s mother. Solo songs       

BOSUN Second in command of the ship. The real brains of the crew. Solo song

NAVIGATION OFFICER Small speaking role, who generally alerts the crew to danger and mysterious unknown planets looming etc. Ensemble singing only           

THE CREW (ENSEMBLE) A collection of crew members, medical officers, security, communications etc. All singing, all dancing, all fun, all the time rag tag bunch of people!