Audition Notice

Sense & Sensibility

Sunday 18th February 2018, 6pm

Director: Tess Gill

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Production Dates: 3 – 7 July 2018 (at Brighton Little Theatre) and 18-21 July 2018 (at BOAT)

Rehearsals: commencing: Expected to be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday starting 27th May

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Tess: or call 07769 675637.


Sense and Sensibility is the story of the Dashwood girls: Elinor, Marianne and Margaret as they move from wealth to poverty, learn about love, life and each other.

Set in the 19th century the girls' father entrusts their future to his eldest son; their stepbrother, unfortunately his promise to take care of them all is not quite fulfilled when his wife Fanny hears of it and the girls and their mother have to suffer the trial of a reduced fortune. Although the play is faithfully based on Jane Austen’s story it is written in quite a modern way and this will require the engagement of the whole cast to create action and activity.

A few notes – almost all parts will be doubled with other characters. Although I am keen to provide as many opportunities as possible some of the roles are very small and there are scenes that require a number of people (e.g. a ball scene) so please bear this in mind when auditioning. Although Marianne and Margaret are young I will not be casting anyone under the age of 16 and the playing age is just that, not a requisite of being that age. Marianne will need to sing – ideally she would also play the piano but we may find a clever way to cover this. Colonel Brandon and Willoughby have a duel and so additional fight rehearsals will be required. All cast and crew will be involved in non-verbal scenes and may need to move set/ props etc.

If anyone is interested in helping with costume or backstage please do let me know as I will also be looking for crew.


Eleanor Dashwood - The eldest of three sisters. Eleanor is a dark horse, ostensibly sensible and practical she supports her expressive family, sometimes frustrated by their inability to think before they speak, through their various trials. However the phrase “still waters run deep” could have been written about Eleanor and despite her best efforts to remain sensible she also falls deeply in love and struggles to hide her own disappointment. Early – mid 20s

Marianne Dashwood - The middle daughter. Described as just 16 Marianne wears her heart on her sleeve and believes that her opinions are right so she energetically and enthusiastically expresses everything she thinks and feels. She falls hard for her first love but grows in her own understanding of herself, her sisters and what is really valuable throughout the play. Marianne needs to play the piano and sing (although it is possible that the piano playing can be mimed). 16-18

Margaret Dashwood - The youngest daughter. Margaret has no interest in the world of love as she wants to be a naturalist. She is natural in her behaviour and her attitude to the world. Very honest! (Possible doubling with smaller characters). 14-15

Mrs Dashwood - Slightly impractical and woefully unprepared for a world where she has to take care of herself Mrs Dashwood is sweet but very naïve (possible doubling with smaller characters). 40-60s

Edward Ferrars - Friendly, kind and genuine, Edward is very different to the rest of his family. (Possibly doubled with Robert Ferrars/ other characters). Late 20’s / early 30s

Robert Ferrars - Younger brother of Edward. Arrogant, self-serving and a bit of a letch, the exact opposite of his brother (Possibly doubled with Edward Ferrars / other characters) Small role. Late 20’s / early 30s

Colonel Brandon - A former army Colonel he is calm, kind and strong. His feelings for Marianne are very deep and genuine. 35-40

Willoughby - Willoughby is thought by Marianne, Margaret and Mrs Dashwood to be a “knight”. He is passionate, engaging and lacking in moral fibre. It is important that he is not played merely as a dashing cad – he makes massive mistakes and is untrustworthy but truly regrets his past behaviour. Mid-late 20s

John Dashwood - The Dashwood’s step brother he is not unkind but weak and completely under the thumb of his wife who is definitely in charge. (possible doubling with Sir John Middleton and/ or others)30s-60s

Fanny Dashwood - The Dashwood’s nemesis – their stepbrother’s wife, she is greedy, unkind and totally focussed on material possession. She looks down on the Dashwood girls. (possible doubling role). 30s – 50s

Mrs Jennings - Joyful matchmaker –from Devon she has an eager sense of fun and an earthy understanding of the world. (Possibly has a Devon accent and possibly doubled with another character). 40-60s

Sir John Middleton - Another joyful and kindly character from Devon who offers the Dashwood a home and company. He is warm, friendly and likes the simple things in life. He and Mrs Jennings are a double act. (may be doubled with other characters). 40s-60s

John Palmer - Mrs Jenning’s son in law – very dry sense of humour but decent man. (may be doubled with other characters). 30s-60s

Mrs Palmer - Mrs Jenning’s daughter – well meaning but a little vacant and silly. (may be doubled with other characters). 20s-40s

Lucy Steele - Bright but manipulative young lady. She likes the idea of being in love and enjoys the drama of a hidden romance. Early 20s

Miss Grey - Rich, cold and spiteful. Small role (doubled with other characters). 20s-30s

Doctor Harris - Kindly doctor who cares for Marianne when sick (very probably will be playing other small characters). Any age

Thomas - Manservant to the Dashwoods reliable and dependable (very probably will be playing other small characters). Any age

Mr Perks - Long suffering manservant to Mrs Jennings (very probably will be playing other small characters). Any age