Audition Notice

She Stoops to Conquer

Sunday 12th MArch 2017 at 7PM 

Director: Felicity Clements
Production dates: 11th - 15th July @ BLT and 27th - 30th July (5 performances) @ BOAT (get in and rehearsals at BOAT from 24th July)
Rehearsals: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays commencing 21st May

Oliver Goldsmith’s late 18th century comedy of manners. Lots of laughs and a satirical swipe at polite society.

Country Squire, Hardcastle, decides to marry off his daughter to the son of wealthy Londoner, Sir Charles Marlow.

Young Marlow comes to the country, with his sidekick, Hastings, to ‘inspect the goods’.

He is waylaid by Hardcastle’s ‘ne’er do well’ step son, Tony Lumpkin.

Young Marlow and Hastings arrive at Hardcastle’s thinking his country home is an inn and Hardcastle the innkeeper.

Much confusion ensues. 

There will be music and ‘country style’ dance at the opening and close of the play. 

Mr. Hardcastle Well meaning. Bit of a blusterer. Set in his country ways. Scorns change and pretentious London swankiness. Northern accent. 40+

Mrs. Hardcastle Hardcastle’s second wife. Fussy. Bustling. Sentimental. Loves frippery. Mildly nagging. Blind to the many faults of her son, Tony Lumpkin. Speaks with a light Northern accent. 40+

Miss. Hardcastle Hardcastle’s daughter. Vivacious. Amiable. Clever. Nobody’s fool. Must be able to move between RP and Northern accent as she disguises her voice to fool Young Marlow. Late teens to early 30s

Miss. Neville Miss. Hardcastle’s friend. Very similar to Miss. Hardcastle – lots of fun. In love with Hastings. RP. Late teens to early 30s

Tony Lumpkin Fun loving, mischievous, lively.  Lives for drinking, gambling and horses. Drives his mother to distraction! Northern accent. Sings a riotous drunken song – 3 verses only – (it’s not Sondheim! You just need to be able to sing loud and hold a tune!).  20 to mid 30s

Sir Charles Marlow A well to do gentleman. Polished. Good manners. RP. 40+

Young Marlow Upright. Decent. Overly bashful in front of young women, except those of the lower orders! Easily fooled.  RP. 20 to early 30s.

Mr Hastings Young Marlow’s companion. Energetic. Enthusiastic. Passionately in love with Miss. Neville. RP. 20 to early 30s

Servants: Diggory, Roger Thomas and Jeremy.  Diggory should be played by a man but the other servants – Roger, Thomas and Jeremy could be played male or female. Northern accents.  All, including Pimple the Maid, will double as the drunken inhabitants of the inn, The Three Pigeons.  Except for Diggory, the servants are a bit thick! Roger is very, very thick! Diggory and one other servant will deliver the Prologue and Epilogue. M/F. Any age

Pimple, the Maid Friendly with Miss. Hardcastle and helps her with her deception. Doubles as customer at the inn. Northern accent. Any age