Audition Notice

The Effect

Sunday 26th February 2017 at 12.00pm (noon) 

Director: Tess Gill
Production dates: 30th May - 3rd June 2017 (Brighton Fringe 2017)
Rehearsals: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays

The Effect is set on a medical trial of a new anti-depressant. Tristan, is experienced in participating in drugs trials to fund his backpacking habit. Connie, a psychology student and the only female on the drug’s trial is a novice. They meet and fall in love during the trial however Connie is confused about whether this is real or whether she and Tristan are just reacting to the drugs in their system and this leads to great intimacy but also to conflict.

Dr James is the female doctor administering the trial but she has her own questions about the drugs and the good that they do. Toby, the senior doctor on the trial is testing Dr James as much as he is the drugs.

The play is written with very naturalistic language and feel. However this naturalism contrasts with the way that the script is written, which moves seamlessly from scene to scene (sometimes with scenes playing out at the same time). This could be specifically challenging for Dr James. There are also specific sections when both doctors need to engage directly with the audience.

Both actors playing Tristan and Connie will need to be comfortable with physical intimacy and being quite physical on stage (e.g. dancing, stretching, possibly a handstand? Also a fight and Tristan will have to convey a fit). Dr James, Connie and Tristan also need to smoke a cigarette (not necessarily a whole one).

The set will be minimalist but lighting, sound and projection will play important roles in the play.

Dr James (Female): Doctor running the trial. Dr James is a very complex character. She suffers/ has suffered from depression herself and questions the relevance of the drugs she is trialling. She is also challenged by the “misbehaviour” of Tristan and Connie and Toby’s attitude. Late 30s- Early 50s

Toby (Male): Male doctor, responsible for employing Dr James to undertake the trial. He is a bit of a charming cad and a pragmatist. From his perspective work all is fair in work and play. That does not mean he is uncaring. Late 30s – Early 50s

Tristan (Male): Tristan is a happy go lucky young man. Has participated in a number of drugs trials in the past to pay for his backpacking and has taken drugs for fun. Tristan’s journey through the play requires a very physical performance. In the script there are a few references to being Northern Irish however these can be removed. 20s

Connie (Female): Connie is a psychology student, a little up-tight initially but becoming warmer and more open throughout the play. She is very confused by the intensity of her feelings for Tristan but also very loving when she accepts how she feels.20s