Audition Notice

The Thrill of Love, by Amanda Whittington

Sunday 25th August, 2pm

Director: Ann Atkins

The Thrill of Love web image.jpg

Production Dates: 29th October - 2nd November 2019

Rehearsals: 15th September – 28th October (3 nights per week plus Sundays)

For more information, please contact Ann on


This is a dramatisation of a true story.

In April 1955, Ruth Ellis shot and killed her lover David Blakely.

On 13th July 1955, she was hanged for the murder and became the last woman in Britain to suffer the death penalty.

At her trial she said "it’s obvious when I shot him, I intended to kill him".

The play starts with the murder, then her questioning by Gale and her life-style leading up to the crime.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the play or characters.


Ruth Ellis a Nightclub hostess. 28

Jack Gale a detective inspector. 40+

Sylvia Shaw a Nightclub manageress. 40+

Vickie Martin a model and actress. 24

Doris Judd a charwoman. 20/30's

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