Audition Notice

When the Wind Blows, by Raymond Briggs

Sunday 4th February 2018, 7.30pm

Director: Richard Lindfield

when the wind blows web image.jpg

Production Dates: 22nd - 26th May (Fringe Festival 2)

Rehearsals: commencing: Starting mid-April, with some possible daytime rehearsals.

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Richard: or call 07980 303605.


An unpredictable, oddly coiffed, leader threatens the world with massive firepower (take your pick). The finger presses the button. What happens next? This darkly disturbing two-hander is based on the early 1980’s civil defence pamphlet, Protect and Survive. Jim and Hilda Bloggs are an ordinary, working-class couple caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Armed only with a screwdriver, emergency rations and a protractor from their son’s old geometry kit they set about building a make-shift shelter. But will it be enough to save them from the Powers-That-Be?

I am looking for two actors (one m, one f) with a playing age of 65+.  You will need to learn the audition pieces so I am confident you are ok at remembering all those lines!

Because of inevitable rehearsal clashes, I won’t be able to use anyone who is cast in the preceding production, King Charles III.