Audition Notice

Fury, by Phoebe Eclair-Powell

Sunday 15th July, 6pm

Director: Ellie Mason

Fury image.jpg

Production Dates: 27th - 29th September 2018 (in double bill with Stay Happy, Keep Smiling)

Rehearsals: 19th August - 26th September (days tbc).

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Ellie:


A chilling but darkly comic modern Medea about motherhood and class, taking an unapologetic look at the single young mum, the one who’s already been judged before she's even opened her mouth.

Sam is a young, impulsive single mum who makes mistakes, but who can blame her? Tom is the guy who rents the flat above and turns out to be not all he seems. He threatens her with ‘an agreement’ so he won’t call social services on her. You might think Tom is a monster. You might think Sam's kids would be better off without her. Someone needs to make a decision. 

This hour-long play includes a ‘Greek-tragedy’ style chorus of Man, Woman and Fury who accompany the main roles. They are pivotal to the audience’s perception of the plot and the characters. In places, the chorus takes over the stage and fills in parts of the story. 

All of the five parts are of a similar size and I am very keen for the cast to work closely together to achieve an exciting and fast-moving piece. I would also like to use live (possibly played/sung by some of the actors) and recorded music in addition to some physical work to portray parts of the story. 


SAM A struggling single mum living in Peckham and working part time as a cleaner. Naïve in a childish, selfish way but has had a tough life. Not sure what she wants from life and often acts impulsively and foolishly. 20-35

TOM A Masters’ student living in the flat above Sam. Superficially seems like a nice, slightly geeky guy. Later we see a darker, twisted side of him who gets off on the power he holds over Sam. 20-35

MAN Part of the chorus. Sees both sides of the story and is ‘on the fence’ about Sam and the decisions she makes. Quite cheeky and playful but has a nastier side too. Also plays several small roles throughout the story. Any age.

WOMAN Part of the chorus. Judgemental of Sam and not overly sympathetic to her situation. Impatient and can come across quite irritable. Also plays several small roles throughout the story. Any age.

FURY Part of the chorus. Can be male or female. Strongly on Sam’s side. Passionate and the most intense of all the chorus members. Also plays several small roles throughout the story. Any age.