Audition Notice

Stay Happy Keep Smiling, By Anna Jordan

Sunday 8th July, 3pm

Director: Mandy-Jane Jackson

Stay Happy Keep Smiling image.jpg

Production Dates: 27th - 29th September 2018 (in double bill with Fury)

Rehearsals: 19th August - 26th September (days tbc).

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Mandy-Jane:


A new play written by the award-winning playwright Anna Jordan.

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Six eyewitnesses to a gruesome murder in broad daylight. Their lives are changed: Rita cannot hold her son. Tony does jigsaw puzzles and counts his wife’s breaths. Elliot must face up to who he really is. Farrah is forced to reconnect with a past long forgotten. Annie starts to feel again, and Stefan feels nothing. 

Inspired by the horror of the Woolwich murder of Brigadier Lee Rigby, Stay Happy Keep Smiling is a fictionalised exploration of the lives of ordinary people in the aftermath of witnessing an extraordinary event. 

The play is very much an ensemble piece, which requires 6 versatile actors who will be able to play all 17 characters, these range in age and background. Each of the six actors will be playing another two characters interspersed throughout the other’s lives.

It’s an exciting opportunity to show range as an actor and get a good crack of the whip. The play consists of monologues, duologues and ensemble scenes portraying episodes from each of the eyewitnesses’ lives. 


ANNIE a barmaid who works in Weatherspoons. She prefers working the late shifts. Annie is drinking heavily since the event. Accent: Any region. Age: 23-35

TONY A school teacher. Tony has been signed off work since the event. He is married. Accent: London. Age: 25-40

ELLIOT Elliot works in an office.  He’s going through the conflict of coming out to his family, but already lives with his partner. Accent: London. Age: 20-30

RITA Rita can no longer bare to hold her children after the event, she’s married. Also plays Dominic’s Wife. Accent: Any region. Age: 30-45

STEFAN Stefan is a landscape gardener.  He was on his way to Greggs when the event took place. Single. Accent: Eastern European. Age: 28-45

FARRAH Farrah is a university student with a boyfriend, she is also an Iraqi refugee. After witnessing the event it brings back memories, long suppressed, from her time in Iraq. Strong features and dark eyes would be preferable for this role, possibility of wearing a hijab, hair colour not an issue. Accent: Subtle Iraqi Accent (we can work on this together, so don’t panic!). Age: 19-25