Audition Notice

King Charles III

Sunday 21st January 2018, 3pm

Director: Claire Lewis
Movement Director: Graham Brown


Production Dates: 5th - 12th May (Fringe Festival 1)

Rehearsals: commencing: A few text rehearsals and 1:1s in February/March. Full rehearsals, four times a week, will start at the beginning of April.

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Claire: or call 07841 115250.


Queen Elizabeth II is dead.  After a lifetime of waiting, her son ascends to the throne.  A future of power.  But how to rule?

Mike Bartlett’s provocative play, is ingeniously written in blank verse, mixing contemporary with classic.  Don’t be put off if you haven’t worked with blank verse before; time will be spent working through the text/rhythm/style, early on in rehearsals.

I am not looking for impersonations of the characters that really exist, rather interpretations and a nod to their mannerisms.

Some characters can be played by either gender and will also play multiple roles.


King Charles III: (m) RP, principled, naive, burdened, melancholy, conscientious, 70s

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: (f) RP, devoted to Charles, protective, loyal, a bitterness/brittle, 70s

William, Duke of Cambridge: (m) RP, dutiful, diplomatic, quietly ambitious, Late 30s

Catherine (Kate), Duchess of Cambridge: (f) RP, ambitious, steely strategist, forward thinking, opinionated, pragmatic, Late 30s

Prince Henry of Wales (Harry): (m) RP, reluctant royal, in turmoil, fickle, 30s

James/Jane Reiss: (m /f) long standing Press Secretary to Charles, traditionalist, 55+

Evans, Prime Minister: (m/f) Labour Leader, rigid, dogmatic, 40+

Spencer: (m) RP, friend of Prince Harry, 30s

Cootsy: (m) RP, friend of Prince Harry, 30s

Jess: (f) republican, individual and quirky art student, unprivileged upbringing, sincere, 20s

Stevens, Leader of the Opposition: (m/f) Conservative Leader, manipulative, smooth, 40+

Sarah: (m/f) Chief Political Adviser to Evans, any age

Nick: (m/f) Communications Adviser to Evans, any age

Clive: (m) Underbutler to Charles, any age

Paul: (m/f) London Kebab Vendor, bright, upbeat, any age

Speaker of the House: (m/f) authoritative, 40+

Free Newspaper Person: (m/f) out-going, one monologue, any age

Terry: (m) Harry’s bodyguard, any age

Sir Gordon: (m) Chief of the Defence Staff, 50+

Butler: (m) Charles’ Butler, efficient, any age

(Sir) Michael: (m/f) Head of the Metropolitan Police, 50+

Television Producer: (m/f) confident, experienced, any age

Archbishop of Canterbury: (m) commanding, 50+