Audition Notice

The Mill on the Floss, by George Eliot, adapted by Helen Edmundson

Sunday 3rd March, 3pm

Director: Claire Lewis
Musical Director: Michael James
Movement Director: Graham Brown

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Production Dates: 

BLT 13th - 17th August 2019

BOAT 21st - 24th August 2019

Minack 2nd - 6th September 2019

Rehearsals: Text and 1:1 rehearsals start in June. Rehearsals start 7thJuly (days tbc)

For more information and audition pieces, please contact Claire on


Wild and clever, Maggie Tulliver struggles with Victorian society’s stifling conventions. Denied the opportunities offered to her adored brother, Tom, she desperately tries to reconcile her thirst for knowledge with her family’s expectations.

She strikes up a close friendship with Phillip Wakem, son of a local lawyer, but their fathers become embroiled in a bitter legal dispute that only the prosperous Wakem can win, and the Tullivers find fate dealing them the first harsh hand of many. But then, Maggie meets a passionate man who loves her for her wit, intelligence and sensuality and her true nature threatens to erupt ...

This is an inventive, compelling, adaptation of Eliot’s novel and we aim to bring it to life, incorporating music and movement. We are keen to use live musicians, so please let me know if you play an instrument.

As part of the audition, you will be asked to sing an unaccompanied folk song of your choice, around one minute in length.

The central, highly effective concept of this adaptation is that, the character of Maggie Tulliver, is written for three actors to play the different facets of her character, although her passion and vulnerability are still bubbling underneath throughout.

Parts are written for adults to play children. Actor’s actual age is not relevant; it is the playing age we are looking for. Lincolnshire accents, where required.


First Maggie Bright, impetuous, imaginative and passionate. Truthful playing of a child, essential. Sings. 9+

Second Maggie Suppressed, isolated, devoted and compassionate. Truthful playing of a child, essential. Sings. 13+

Third Maggie Proud, conscientious, sensual and independent. Sings. 18-19

Mr Tulliver Maggie’s father. Headstrong, prejudiced, bitter and irrational. Has a big soft spot for his daughter. An element of comedy. 40+

Mrs Tulliver Maggie’s mother. Materialistic, a fusser, dull-witted, has a vitality about her. An element of comedy. 40+

Tom Tulliver Maggie’s beloved brother. Conventional, proud, self- righteous and determined. Need to see his transition from a boy to a man. 12-22

Bob Jakin Mill Labourer. Uneducated, friendly, humorous and generous. 13-23

Mr Wakem A local lawyer and rival of Mr Tulliver. Father to Phillip. Insidious, cold, calculating businessman but a good father. 40+

Phillip Wakem Adores Maggie. Sensitive, intelligent, artistic and faithful. Suffers with a hunchback and limp. Sings solo.12-22

Lucy Deane Maggie’s cousin. Angelic, self-effacing, ideally feminine, and charming. Sings. 9-19

Stephen Guest Engaged to Lucy. Middle-class, charming, well-educated and possessive. Sings solo. Mid 20s

Aunt Pullet Maggie’s aunt. Emotional, nervy, hypochondriac. Elements of comedy. 40+

Uncle Pullet Maggie’s uncle. Ignorant, ineffectual, narrow-minded. Elements of comedy. 40+

Aunt Glegg Maggie’s aunt. Severe, critical, harsh, abrasive. Elements of comedy. 40+

Uncle Glegg Maggie’s uncle. Kindly, humorous, lovable skinflint. Elements of comedy. 40+

Mr Stelling Tutor to Tom & Phillip. Judgemental, shallow, limited teaching ability. 30+

Dr Kenn Clergyman at St Oggs. Noble, generous, peacemaker. 40+

Some characters may be doubled and will be required for ensemble playing of villagers, guests, school children, gypsies and stylised movement pieces (i.e. the flood, witch-ducking).

If you are unable to make the main audition date, alternative arrangements can be made.

Information about the Minack arrangements can be found here.

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